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  1. This! I'm still here too... >.> Ideas for GSC: - FB, IG, Twitter needs an active poster. I think expanding to music content/reviews on top of the normal glowsticking posts would help attract traffic. I can volunteer for Twitter and coordinate with Zin/whoever else would want to share content or actively post. - Aside from Glowsticking, incorporate Flow art and Hooping too. Hooping has grown so much over the past few years. I remember when I was trying to learn it over 5 years ago, there weren't very many websites or youtube videos but now there are fitness classes an
  2. >.> Sorry about that... LINKS HAVE NOW BEEN UPDATED! ^___^
  3. aha i only know patrick coaty for psci, easy A right there hope you do good in your classes my classes are beating me up at long beach ugh physics >< and iono bout this calc 2 class...

  4. jarvis, coaty, maher, krucli, and some other dude thats new and idk his name... his class is in the forum and extremely boring

  5. oooooooooo what teachers just curious, maybe i took em before

  6. The boring classes... ]= gen ed stuff. history, psci, speech, eng, psych

  7. oh wow hey , the sites changed quite a bit...yea i haven't been on much lately since im now going to cal state long beach and i got no moneys :( but once i scrap up some cash ill come and say hi to you lols maybe, so hows occ? what classes are you taking?

  8. hey! I don't know if you're still active here but I did end up transferring to OCC lol. Just dropping by to say hi

  9. Maybe lol. We shall seeee

  10. Please join us on the GIRLs collab, yes? :D -Hopeful-

  11. you really said blaow lol.

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