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  1. Over the years I've continued to string. It's been great. I've stayed away from all communities, all of them. Never got into festivals and stopped clubbing all together. All in all y'all taught me the most valuable lesson of all. No matter what you do. Someone will dislike it. A few of our friends lost their battle with cancer, our group has been the same. Needless to say I still see some of them from time to time. We don't do anything. Just hi and bye, hope the pain gets better. Joe, probably will never touch a set of strings again. His best friend died. All we have left are the years of pict
  2. Been a long time 

  3. On the A-town guys....... kael ur signature implies congregating is good... there crew is just a simple group of guys comming together because of glowsticking maybe they shouldnt have a name im sure that would make alot of people feel alot better.... and Real compettion does ruin the scene i agree... fighting and the what not makes me want to move away from it... i agree with u completely DJ SH@Y
  4. AND with kael i agree.... in all of those scenes it fell through the roof... maybe with this one history wikll repeat itself.. but there is one thing wrong... we dont believe in elitism and im sorry for saying this but in everything in life there is someone "better" technically which is why there are such things as veterans in every part of life... and with this crew people help each other to i guess perfect a technique if u want to call it that.. i agree battling is wrong.... showcasing... wrong... but is it wrong for an artist to put his art into an art gallery because he would like public o
  5. i was personally invited by ryan b and wayne last night because as everyone here knows i dont club anymore and i dont promote for clubs anymore... I KNOW that u guys ahte the crew that they have... the A-TOWN stringers and last night was amazing.. noone was upset no fights everyone got prizes and everyone was allowed to stay onstage before and after the "contest" myself i took 3rd but it felt as if i took first i felt good everyone felt good and the guys who " lost" including myself all congradulated teh guy who won in a cirlce on stage giving him hugs hand shakes and accolades... now i dotnkn
  6. hey im always at energy lol let me know when ur gona be there next

  7. blue and yellow also lol most definately

  8. blue and green is my choice of weapon as well :D that or yellow and blue

  9. welcome to gsc :D

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