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    Every year at Anime Expo I'd see the panel in the events guide but never have time to check it out proper. So here I am!

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  1. Hey, it was really cool meeting you at EDC. Sorry I didn't show up to the ultra circle, I didn't know it was moved...

  2. Doing good. Getting excited for EDC, less than 3 weeks away!

  3. sup bro, how've you been?

  4. Awww ty mr opacus.

  5. Oh snap! Not on for a week cuz of New Years and an anime convention and I miss your B-Day :( Happy Belated Birthday man!

  6. ...wait, it's YOUR birthday, too?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU. <3

  7. good seeing you at the "silent rave" at Mile Square Park :P

  8. how many points do you have right now.?

  9. That's cuz she doesn't think she's that good. We'll have to break her of that mindset. Go Lira!
  10. Points? Points are a way for you to lord over other people without points. jk I've never found much point to points, but then I don't make it a point to go around changing other people's titles. I just don't see the point. lol
  11. Meh, 100 points doesn't even get you 2 lotto tickets. Should have offered 1000, then it might have come out on time. I can't wait. Urgh!
  12. you are a lotto haxor.

  13. yo im sorry man hopefully no hard feelings

  14. we have settle for a "vietnamese meetup" tommorow night @ westminster, if you coming, please bring the boombox

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