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  1. I'm broke. Can't afford it right now. I tried applying for a job but no store will hire me. sucks.
  2. Man I missed the last 3. I must not miss another
  3. Cabal? Really?.. I tried it for a day a while back and I didn't like it.
  4. I would make you a pendant.. (along with everybody else if I had my own studio and materials), but we moved on to a different project.. and I don't think she'll let me make another, being that other classes are gonna be using our leftovers or w.e.. I'd like to perfect making this stuff, though. Rai's necklace is made from copper instead of the silver I used for the GSC one. and I enameled the front with a Granite-type color.. nothing special.. but I think it turned out pretty well. I got mad at my teacher, 'cause when she was putting the little ring through the R, she used these pl
  5. I hope this necklace is sick enough for the MadRaver. haha only my 3rd time doing something like this. can't expect it to turn out perfect xD (plus its a high school class. haha)
  6. that kandi is friggin epic yeo
  7. downloading tainted transmission right now. yeh son! i'm so delayed. lol
  8. that's a dude???.... X_X
  9. mmhm, I never really have a set time of when I should start and stop.. I just do it whenever I have free time. In between things and stuff... Everyday is different for me lol

  10. i practice everyday whenever I have time... and I try to practice at night for at least 30 minutes if not an hour.

  11. hmm how often do you practice?

  12. 'cause its true. lol.

  13. blasphemy! How come you say that?

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