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  1. mod note: I just deleted/banned a couple years' worth of spam posts & profiles. feel free to reach out if you see any I missed.

  2. same. I'll always come out to meetups, 'cept the last one happened when I was out of the state, and it looks like the next one is gonna get planned straight in the middle of a final I have... (yep, weekend finals, bite me) excuses, I know. but what you said is 100% true. The EC vets are vets for a reason-- it's been 6-10 years for most of y'all and there should be a new wave of people by now. But everyone's trailed off & faded out. Real life sidetracked us all. I know for a fact that I have neither the skill/focus/time (and chances are I'm leaving the area, if not the whole EC, within
  3. pretty much. it's all of GSC, really-- I check a couple of times a week & there are maybe 5 posts a day on average. we all got eaten by real life, and now you're NOT HERE </3 hope you're getting settled in okay, though!
  4. yoooooo! welcome back & good to see you again (though I'm pretty much still a newb by EC standards )! as of late it seems like work/untangling real life has taken up more of people's time than anything, and we do most of our meeting up at parties & events. it would be great to have some more real sessions; maybe a winter "snowshop", depending on how everyone's schedules play out.
  5. Aqua

    Lira! Don't forget about the girls collab! :D It's due this Sunday!

  6. Just followed the link to your fan page - hot stuff : )

  7. awww yeaaaaah. I'm coming back to the dirty jerzzzz today. sigh. good & bad.
  8. Thought you might like to see this:

    In-studio interview with Dave Dresden (of Gabriel & Dresden), on 5/27/11, by Jennifer Marley at the new Party 95 studios in Orlando, FL. http://party95.com/dave-dresden-studio-interview

  9. SaGe

    Haha yeah, I haven't been posting nearly as much as I used to, but that particular thread seemed worthy enough to make me to come out of lurk-status.

    But yeah, I'm looking forward to it too, it should be fun!

  10. Lira

    yay! awesome. Haven't seen you post in forever, so imagine my surprise when you replied to the latest kerfluffle. Looking forward to meeting you! Spot me on FB.

  11. SaGe

    As of right now my plan is to be at EDC. There's a slight chance I might not make it because my brothers birthday is also that night and I dont know what he's doing, if anything. But even if I can't make it to EDC, I'll still make it a priority to go to the pre-meet to meet all you peopleee :D

  12. Lira


    sir. EDC Dallas. or GSC EDC premeet. or meeting you SOMETIME when I'm back in TX next month. y/y?

  13. aw thanks :D! glad you had fun, silly vid chats are hilarious.

  14. " the reason i dont like that song is cuz theres always taht fat guy in the back of the club singing , and crying like this is my whole life" ... i came to a realization that person me!!!!! but yeah yesterday cheered me up and i previously didnt know how awesome you were ( id heard roomers and seen clips but no real evidence till now) :D

  15. ahahahaha why do you say that?

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