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  1. rougan creed! how bout some of those arcade skillz ;)

  2. What's up Andrew!!! Good to have you here!

  3. Name: Rougan Creed Age: 18 Gender: Im a guy -,- Location: New Jersey Interests: too lazy to explain Favorite Book etc. <-- again too lazy to copy and paste the intro thingy's lol: idk o.o Musical Interest: Nearly anything... Goal in the next 5 years: Hope to be alive for another 5 lol Goal in the next 20 years: Hope to be alive for another 20 =] What turns me on about the opposite sex: the wonderful basic features of a womans body ^.^ if i had a million dollars: id buy you a house *sings* School: Kearny High Work: Bum =D i a
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