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  1. Dude... It was awesome to see you at TAO again :) It was epic man ^_^

  2. Hey girl!! :) it was awesome seeing you over at TAO ^_^ lol Especially the awesome lightshows that you give :P lol I think im gonna reserve 50 ultras just for you next time :) and a monster lol

  3. Whats up Nathan... It was great meeting you at M.M too, you were real chill and a very nioce guy, great Vibe!

    Thanks for allowing me to use your Flow toys, i had just lost mine at the party when i met you!

    tty soon!

  4. dude!!!!! Its me Nathan.... I met you at massive :) Im really glad i got to meet you ^_^

  5. hey man :) welcome to gs.c :)

  6. as always miho, im glad you had a blast .

  7. It was really cool seeing you at the meetup man :D im glad that you have fun and I hope you make it to massive dude!! :D

  8. awesome time at the meetup marvin!! ^_^ once again... thnx for the ride :D

  9. hey man :) didtn see you at the meetup but I hope you can make it to monster Massive next weekend :) its gonna be a really good rave :D

  10. duuude!!! tomorrow will be epic ^_^ see ya later man :D

  11. OMG!!! thnx for telling me ^_^ i was afraid that i didnt get any fottage of me :P lol but now you just made me soo much happier :D I cant wait to see the video :D

  12. awesome to see you at Love fest after Party! I got some footage of you Stringing. I'll be sure to add that to the video. :)


  13. hey man ..... gonna miss ya when your off :( but hey it isnt a goodbye :) all i can say is... use a condom :P lol jk i mean take care of yourself man cuz i want you to return in one piece >_^


  15. yess i did.... :) dont lie to yourself .... its not god for you =P

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