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  1. Just make those last 10 posts and get it OVER with already!

  2. sup dude?

    are you going to toys 4 tots this year?

  3. if i can find a ride ill go but i dont know for sure yet

  4. Are you coming to the meetup this thursday in Denver?

  5. im playnig with mesa ridge high school

    hopefully i can watch but idk if were gonna be there on saturday cuz saturday is our schools prom and we have like 5 seniors

  6. It depends on what shift I sign up for. I have to work a 4 hr shift at some point during that festival weekend. What school are you playing with? I'll be sure to catch it. Make sure you come watch Lab 1 play with Patti Austin, and do the Woody Herman tribute saturday night!

  7. yo

    thats pretty badass dude

    so i think im gonna be going 2 that festival up at ur school on friday?

    r u gonna be able 2 watch the bands that go or r u gonna be helping other bands with stuff?

  8. what up dude? so pretty cool you're a jazz musician too.. I actually just won a downbeat magazine award this year. pretty stoked

  9. Name:joe Age:17 Gender:m Location:fountain Interests:CHILLIN Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:no Musical Interest:yes Goal in the next 5 years:make a selling cd Goal in the next 20 years:become jesus What turns you on about the opposite sex:the reflection of me If i had a million dollars I would:buy stuff I am good at:being a beast School (if applicable):dookie Work (if applicable):none I am on glowsticking.com because:its where the beasts go My website/picutures are located:here? Describe yourself:me What do yo
  10. well i just had 2 talk 2 sumbody i went 2 the hospital and talked 2 a bunch of ppl and i felt a lot better

    so i just had 2 vent

  11. DUDE calll me lets just talk about whats going on please

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