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  1. Soon I shall pass you in posts... Very soon.

  2. So many new members! Welcome everyone to Gs.C <cough>freehand, don't string<cough> Awesome! Thats what i went to school for
  3. MJR13

    yes that was me, haha. That was an awesome night

  4. Swei

    mjr! you were the one who gave me the glasses @ love right =)

  5. Yeah, it's a Samsung stripe. omg We have the same phones no wai. It's a replacement phone because I dropped my Razor in the toilet. ;-;

  6. i have the same phoneas in your picture. Samsung Stripe right? It's old though, I need a new one.

  7. LoL I was browsing my phone today, and I realized I have a pic of a red panda in my phone...no idea when I took it, but sure enough it is there =b

  8. Sorry again that i couldn't make it up to NYC last weekend. Looks like everyone had a good time though.
  9. turning 24 today yo? dude, happy birthday yo :)

  10. *+*Whats up Sweetie *BIG HUGZ* I like that tune yo! It is Sick! Much Love <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  11. I'm gonna download it, and listen to it on my way to work tomorrow.
  12. Name: Michael Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: Central New Jersey Interests: Science, Art, Music, Photography, and Movies Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Discovery Channel, Science Channel, things like this Musical Interest: All types of Electronic and Trance Music, as well as Punk Rock and Classic Rock Goal in the next 5 years: Go back to school and get my Masters degree Goal in the next 20 years: I don't plan that far ahead If i had a million dollars I would: Pay my bills, Go back to School, Buy a nice car and a house I am good at: Problem solv
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