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  1. Yessss snowshopppppp yayyyyyyyyyy
  2. You better get ready, you have to party at deadmau5 for me too. =D
  3. I think Freakdeke said theyre up to $70 now
  4. Illy Illy Illy Illy Illy Illy Illy Illy Illy Illy
  5. Yeah I need a job. lolz.
  6. And this guy isnt even in my sporepedia anymore for somereason
  7. OMG RAI PLAYING SPORE. I played spore so much when I bought it. like non stop for 3 days. Mad funny when you killed him and turned to the camera RIP IT SIKKK. I never killed an epic creature. crazzzyy
  8. Yeah I chose a school in NYC instead of Wilminton or Alfred NY. =P
  9. How far are you from wilmington? Almost went to school there.
  10. omgggg. It was so good. Some of the locations were aweeeesomeee. And lol @ brian at the end.
  11. zomfg surprises?! I can only think of goodie bags
  12. Yeah Heroes, redemption from season 2 imo
  13. Icy, again, fucking awesome. Lira you should probably show that off at the uh.. glowshop.
  14. Im 5'8 and tallest of all my cousins =X Yao ming anyone? =D
  15. Yeah thats what ive been doing now since I've always been getting the redirect thingy.
  16. Oh man I saw Frizzycubes pictures a while back on his myspace and his work is pretty damn awesome
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