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  1. Anyone see The Wackness, I liked it.
  2. Awww ty mr opacus.

  3. If you havent seen this you should watch it. (@ all the starcraft 2 kids) http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/23121
  4. Its pretty alright, best free mmo imo
  5. Thanks to MadSantaRai for pets! I just got accepted to the City Of Heroes Mac beta. =O
  6. Cabal Online, the game of GSC
  7. Haha Omg you guys got the pets!!!
  8. Just wondering, when will the Snowshop video be released? =)
  9. I usually have chat filters on because of those spam bots that stand in town lol. Whats your name?
  10. Make sure youre on Mercury and not on Venus
  11. Im 11 atm. I'll catch up soonish =D
  12. Im kinda diggin this game a lot. What levels are you two at now?
  13. What game is that, it looks like a WoW rip, Im extremely interested. Never mind found it, Cabal online. I think I'll try it.
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