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  1. I'm in the third one. This community means so much to me and everything you said was true icy in one way or another. You where one of the first sinor members I met at my first meeetup in 08. I don't get out much anymore unless I'm working or DJing a event. But when I do I'm normally the only freehander there. I feel so alone at times being part of a dying breed.
  2. yo dude whats up we should chill and get some practice in before ota if we can at diff meet up there hit me up 301-922-5089 is my cell

  3. yesss! metalgearraver

  4. yeah dude sounds cool im getting ready to start bartending school.

  5. I've been good dude, just moved into my new house yesterday XD Kinda tired from the big move.. NEED REST!

  6. not much same old stuf diff day how about u what have u been up to. how have u been

  7. Hey man, what's up? Haven't heard from you in awhile.

  8. n/m you going to a rave of sorts this wekend tho i know the dj and he wants me to glow it up. how was websters the other week.

  9. Dude what is up man???

  10. i would love to come out for edc but i have no job and dont know if i will have the money for the ticket place to stay and the travel to get there and back. but if not this year most deff next year

  11. hehehehe Obviously, I don't know you but anybody who likes Metal Gear gets some bonus points. Good to hear that the Spring Break meet up went well. Come out to LA for EDC this summer!

  12. YO BEN! Welcome dude! its been a while man how are ya??

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