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  1. Yeah for sure man. Im sure we can get something going. LA it is.

  2. I think i'm about 30 mins away from downtown LA so if you want we can meet somewhere there. Thing is i'm not to familiar with SOCAL at all i'm just going to visit my brothers family. Do you have aim?

  3. Well I live about 30 away from magic mountain up in the hills of Lake Elizabeth. I live kinda far from most so cal gsc peeps but i'm still down to meetup we should set a date and place you got any suggestions?

  4. I will be down there on the 18th of june, i should be there for about a month or so. So anytime after that i'm free, i'll be making it to edc as well. How far are you away from winnetka?

  5. Thanks man yea I would def be down to session with you. When are you coming down here? We should plan a date I have yet to met any nor cal freehanders besides nmestar99.

  6. What's up man, i saw your freehanding video awhile ago and you got some dope moves. I'm going to be down in LA before edc and i was going to see if you wanted to session.

  7. I will be in winnetka and i'm pretty sure that's in LA county. About 30 mins from EDC. I was hoping to get to session with some so cal heads, i was thinking about bringing my fire poi as well

  8. Awesome! You staying in la county, orange county or which county?

  9. whats up man, i shall be down in socal for about three months before edc and after. We should definitely get a session going and im going to try to make it to the meetup as well

  10. Any raw vids up yet?

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