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  1. wat does happy hands mean tho? loll

    is it porn related?

  2. sum cool asian dude that loved porn

  3. happy hands? andrew? 0_O

  4. wzzup homie haha

  5. LOL....yea man I really liked it. I'm wanting to pick up my handles again hehe. =P

  6. HAHA..dude wow your majoring math in college. I give you mad props for that!

    I still haven't really though of what I want to do after hight school =/..

  7. Yeah man, sorry me and Greg won't be able to make it =/...next year greg will get his car and we'll drive to meetups and such together! =D

  8. LOL...dude I'm going to be off track in about a month, start sending me some p*rn so I can keep myself busy during the day ;)

  9. Hey your a Lifetime supporter! Awesome! ^_^

  10. haha yeah bro seriously dude watch me in the gsc united collab 2.. my style has changed soooo much XD

  11. happy b dude!!

  12. happy birthday!!


  13. happy birthday!!

  14. I'm planning on getting 1,000 friends every week! =]

  15. Thanks bro! I'm gald to be part of the team ;)

  16. haha yeah. we gotta at least win on the road. ;)

  17. haha heyyyy dudeee.. where you've been man? schoolwork and shit huh?

  18. happy birthday post whore lol


  19. lmao..yeah xD

    i got too many noob jokes from my name noubar =P

  20. R3DLIN3 RETURNS!! w00t w00t!!! haha

    No problem dude.. don't mention it. ;)

  21. haha yeah dude totally lol

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