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  1. wat does happy hands mean tho? loll

    is it porn related?

  2. so that's how happyhands was born ;)

  3. sum cool asian dude that loved porn

  4. who is this andrew that you speak of? ;)

  5. happy hands? andrew? 0_O

  6. wzzup homie haha

  7. Shook dah whoop!

  8. LOL....yea man I really liked it. I'm wanting to pick up my handles again hehe. =P

  9. Thank you! Finally, someone actually commented on the helpfulness of my handles tutorial instead how bright my damn LED sticks are!

  10. HAHA..dude wow your majoring math in college. I give you mad props for that!

    I still haven't really though of what I want to do after hight school =/..

  11. I mean, seriously, math doesn't get fucked up until you start adding positive numbers and start getting negative ones LOL! Then, you can tell me "Okay, this math shit is stupid"

  12. *At least you're NOT dealing with that type of stupid shit LOL

  13. Dude, you think trig is bad? I'm majoring in math in college, man xD At least you're dealing with stupid shit like proving that the sum of positive integers (1+2+3+...) equals a NEGATIVE number LOL

  14. Yeah man, sorry me and Greg won't be able to make it =/...next year greg will get his car and we'll drive to meetups and such together! =D

  15. meetup @ saturday . the one you and me and greg has been talkin about way before edc

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