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    I love Jeeps. I cant stop loving them or my Supra. Im a House, Electro, HardStyle and HappyHardcore person. Im super energetic, and chill. Isnt that a oxymoron? I goto raves/clubs every month so my arms can recoup from freehanding. Im here to learn other arts and meet other people.
  1. Ohh gawd. Senior year for one of the idiotic assemblies they had a themed dance called Raving. Mostly a bunch of idiots wearing candy and holding glow sticks and doing the robot or moon walk. I shook my head and walked out. Never went to any of my school dances, mostly because all they place is the same society likes rap crap all the time. I 100% agree with number one. Numero dos though. Battling in which form. I dont exactly battle in competition but Ill get a few people together and do transitions from one glowsticker to another. Basically when they throw their arms towards me at t
  2. hey welcome to GSC. You should join us for a meetup sometime

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