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  1. SaGe

    Haha yeah, I haven't been posting nearly as much as I used to, but that particular thread seemed worthy enough to make me to come out of lurk-status.

    But yeah, I'm looking forward to it too, it should be fun!

  2. Lira

    yay! awesome. Haven't seen you post in forever, so imagine my surprise when you replied to the latest kerfluffle. Looking forward to meeting you! Spot me on FB.

  3. SaGe

    As of right now my plan is to be at EDC. There's a slight chance I might not make it because my brothers birthday is also that night and I dont know what he's doing, if anything. But even if I can't make it to EDC, I'll still make it a priority to go to the pre-meet to meet all you peopleee :D

  4. Lira


    sir. EDC Dallas. or GSC EDC premeet. or meeting you SOMETIME when I'm back in TX next month. y/y?

  5. SaGe, quit being a stranger, and gimme a call sometime!

  6. Sage! Why have we not met up yet??

  7. Yeah you better get back into it this winter break! Aaaaand if there aren't many people in your area then maybe you should introduce some people to it and force them to do it with you even if they don't like it :D

  8. Sameee..well the school part haha. And not raelly..I'm gonna get back into it this winter break and learn some more. It just sucks being the only one in my area. :[ So lonelyyy

  9. Pretty good actually, thanks for asking :]. Just the same old stuff at school and work but can't really complain. How have youuu been? Still stringing?

  10. Heyyy :] How've you been?

  11. Haha well just hit me up on here whenever man :]

  12. So you only live about 10 minutes away from my house, when I'm back from college we'll have to meet up some times

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