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  1. yeah i go to west covina high

    hit my up on facebook i check this like twice a week

    Anthony Cingolani or Ant_2256@hotmail.com

  2. i'm off for around the next 2 months. You go to wes co high right ?

  3. I'm down-

    Something this winter break sound good?

  4. barely. Maybe just maybe we can get something going lol

  5. fersure-

    hit me up on facebook or email me

    and we'll pull stuff together.

    Can you get a hold of other stickers?

  6. sorry about taking so long to respond. I fucked up my computer and was reduced to facebook mobile ;_;

    But it's fixed NOW :D

    Anyways, maybe we should get the initial meetup going before we venture deep into the mountains ;D

  7. lmao i think hes in my woodshop class xD

    would you have the meet up at a park, hills [possibly azusa canyons]

  8. sorry bra, i dun have my phone at the moment-

    catch me at fb, PL, or what ever else with my email


    does flecher go to west co high?

  9. so, are we gonna try to get some shit going down :o ?

  10. Pretty sure 2 guys go to west covina high. At least 2 DID go to west covina high. Then one day they went pretty quiet

  11. I"m down for a meet up

    I live in azusa and go to west co high

    i'm looking for other members of GSc around

    anyone go to the west co high?

    hit me up 909) 2632060

  12. over by west covina high. There are a few west covina kids. We've just never had a proper meet up ;

  13. yeah bra :D

    where do you stay at?

    maybe we could meet up

  14. a new west covina member. Shocking :o

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