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  1. *+*Whats up Lady? How is the beautiful dj? Miss you and I hope all is well *HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  2. =D of course =3 ^^ hope you had a good one that night =3

  3. thanks for the birthday wishes!! :)

  4. amazing picture=)

  5. sooki

    Thanks, bebe.

  6. Cake

    your an awesome DJ i was really impressed at the spring meet up =]

  7. LOL that pic is awesome.

  8. thats a cute but funny pic=)

  9. Hey Sooki,

    How've you been?


  10. troy

    awesome mix! my favorite dancing music. although not my favorite to stick to (bit slow) i can def get down to it with a little step n tut style. thanks for sharing and welcome to the site. hope to hear more from you soon

  11. Whats up girl...Wheres yoru mix posted?? Rai said I should peep it out. Welcome to GSC. Its a cool lil community. Hope you enjoy your time here.

  12. Sorry, I won't talk as much!! Dude Rai... fb thread diiiiied since we've been on gsc... LOL!
  13. OK! Gosh... Maybe we had a few conversations but that must have been SO long ago.... I c0nt remember yo!
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