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  1. Hell yeah I'm going to be there both days!!! I'm so excited to see you again!!

  2. Oh fo sho baby girl. Are you going both days? I CAN'T FRIGIN' WAIT! I also can't wait to see your uber l33t freehanding skillz. Much love, ono

  3. Am I going to get to see you again this year or what?!

  4. fideos

    i have put the url if

    you want to see my video im from tijuana

    so my writing is not

    so good:)

  5. Freque

    It was great to see you last weekend man.

    Hope to hang with ya again really soon bro.

  6. hahahaha yes I heard all the epicness from Gin when I was kickin it in NYC about his trip XD

    we'd have an awesome time in Hawaii!!! Get out here bastard!!

  7. For sure! You're more than welcome to visit Megs and I. We hosted Ginseng for a week or so, it was such a blast! We have sick footage too, I need to edit the videos and get it online. We're trying to get to Hawaii too, so hopefully we'll all kick it soon.

  8. I"m doing good! I totally miss you though!! Maybe I should come visit you instead, lolol

  9. !!!!!!! How are you!??!

  10. It was great seeing you at EDC young grasshoppa. Your skills are improving, keep it up. I'll probably see you soon at upcoming parties. Stay cool.

  11. ono

    I know man! It's been a long time. The funniest part was I saw you all throughout the night, then I asked you your name towards then end, and we both were like WTF!!!! JUn0!!!!! Haha. Great meeting you bro, your strings have improved a lot man, sick shit. I'll let you know when I cruise to Cali for another party so we can all meet up. Take care and k

  12. JunO

    dude! i cant bliv we finally met ... after this long

  13. Patrick! It was great seeing you too bro! I love how you're always smiling, it always gets me in a good mood! Thanks for the compliments on the sticking man. You've improved so much since I've last seen you, sick shit. Talk to you soon.

  14. Ono! Good seein' you again, man. Your freehand is just getting ridiculous. I brought it up to Troy but we're planning on hittin' up Love Fest again at the end of September. I know it's a ways off but it's pretty epic and it'd be great to see some of the Arizona people there. Just something to keep in mind...

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