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    as my mind unwound<br />i finally found<br />a beautiful<br />sound.<br />tightly<br />bound<br />woven around<br />gently, the ribbon floated to the ground
  1. You....are.....the.....Man....

  2. GIN MAN! ! ! I miss you. Your attending EDC i assume yes?

  3. OMG you are friends with ono and passion and the crew?!?!?! Jesus. I love arizona too much ... AHHH!!! What the heck!!! Thanks for the good wishes.. I really do need all the encouragement I can get so your twenty seconds means a lot :)


  4. luck this semester hun! Keep in touch! Much Love and Miss you *BIG HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  5. *+*I will put some money towards you coming back here during the summer time for sure... Teddy and I would love to kick it!!! oNo is a good friend too so is Pashion!! Alacard!! TroyBoy!!! Many More!! I could go on about the boys here but there would not be enough room with all that talent they have... LoL Its crazy I am the only girl here too... Good

  6. AHHH!!!!! Diggiti siggity. We are working on a fund to get me out there again this year BEFORE AND AFTER edc :) Fingers crossed. I got a lot of hard work to do this semester. Wish me luck. I hope to see you ^_^

  7. *+*I come back on the boards and find out you were out here... OMG I cant believe I missed meeting you!! I just replied to your post that you made back in july! So Sorry sweetie! Next time tell me when you are coming and we will all meet up and throw some sticks together and I can learn some tricks from you! Yea! Much Love *BIG HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  8. Happy Birthday? not sure if it is or not but myspace says it is so Happy Birthday Mr. Legendary Mountain Hermit

  9. OMGGG dude i saw the spiral ramp video.. i luve u guyss!!!

  10. lmao.. Phoenix down

  11. ginseng is legend :o

  12. dude ur really cool :D

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