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  1. so. you should look me up on FB. facebook.com/fireflycomics

  2. thank you! ultra circle was amazing. are you interested in being in a girls collab?? its the first one i'm organizing... i would be so happy if you said yes!


  3. AAAH Another girl! Your ultra circle footage is awesome! I live in kent.. I'm not sure where oberin is though : It sounds familiar.

  4. hey there! Of course I remember you. I'm glad that you hunted me down, I lost a lot of people when I deleted my myspace a while back.

  5. a girl!

    hey I'm Aqua. Do you glowstick?

    i have a good friend that goes to school in Ohio. Oberlin? IDK if that's close to where you are at.

  6. hey bub, remember me?

  7. What the hell where did all your comments go??

  8. Apparently not...phone friends>GS.c friends. =b

  9. OH I WONDER WHO THIS IS!! Welcome to GS.c Little brotherrr :))

  10. Yo! Your comment wall was looking lonely! Thanks again for coming to the meet up even though it was small I hope you learned a few things and had a good time!

  11. haha this thread is awesome plur (duh) love Unite GSC bounce I<3 HxC Dance on smile BASS breeze euphoria elysium My 1st rave glow on live fuzz WHY pretty standard ones I guess. XD
  12. Well that's good news then

  13. haha nope there are a few of us scattered about! Welcome to GS.c :)

  14. and I though I was alone in Ohio :D

  15. 71 hours to go ..

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