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    drumming, glowstringing, dancing, video games, fire poi, listening to music, watching movies, any sort of sports
  1. You were my initial inspiration to start glowstringing. You're incredibly talented, and I love your style. Thank you for inspiring me. Without you, I wouldn't have been exposed to glowstringing or become apart of it. =)

  2. pijama collab release

  3. happy collab send videos to alfaevadiaz@hotmail.com for the happy collab

  4. can ypu tell me waht you think
  5. you are the cats pajamas. love your style, ive been watching your vids for like a year now. keep em coming bro!

  6. Hey :) I'm kinda new to this site. I've seen your videos and its awesome! (:

  7. Hey Guinto, my name is tony and your the reason i got into glowstringing and on top of that express myself emotionally through glowstringing so i just want to drop a comment on how inspirational u are and keep the passion burning man!

  8. nice man, your like the whole reason i get into glowstick man, at the moment i don't know anything about glowsticking but my friends are gonna teach me the basic, and once i get enough with that then maybe i might just free style and what not, don't wanna sound weird or not hing my dream is to become as good as you if not better but yea keep it up man your my inspiration no doubt

  9. hey, thanks for the advise on youtube. :)

  10. your stringing in the SOL collab vid was sikk!! :)

  11. Answered your question. Please respond.

  12. whatssss uppppppppp.. :P

    the roff the roff the roff is on fire :P

    follow the leader leader follow the leadrer..


  13. D86

    Im guily guilty guilty, I should have the video up soon, a far cry from what I promised. Ive uploaded everything to my cpu, just need to upload them to my server. =)

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