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  1. HAHA! I saw this pm and was like...WTF???

    This bitch is crazy!

  2. rage against the machine
  3. haha no worries man...and I could see how might not make sence unless you were the person I was thinking about.

    This is the youtube account I was talking about


    I guess I should've figured out that you weren't that guy if I would've read that you were in Australia

  4. Whats up WifeEE!!

    I love you boo.

    I'm at work right now doing the GSC thing. Getting some of those overtime hours in for our family.

  5. How you is homegirl!?

  6. Do you have that sik youtube accnt with go ventures party footage?

  7. I love you boo...I had fun freehanding with you and Phil the other night!

  8. all hail senior spazzman!!!

  9. Dude did you drop off the face of the earth??

    Miss you bro...hit me up mang!!!

    Chen was asking about you. He may be visiting soon.

  10. wow...trips me out to see a comment on here from me on 10/08/2007!

    Havent seen you on here in ages, but I havent been on here much myself.

    Hope all is well and beautiful in your world ms bunne

  11. Hi baby! Just thought I'de sneek in here at work and say hi...Love you boo.

  12. What up..what up....WHAT UPPP!

    Hows it goen Mizzz funshine?

    Glad to see you on here.

    Thanks for adding me as a friend. I'm really happy to have you in our lives..your awesome to the core!


  13. HOla mama...thought I'd drop in and respond to your Rip lisa post. I love you sugar. Its my friday again...Cant wait to come home to you and have some fun!

  14. Happy Bday Sweetheart!!!!!

    I hope your 27th year is awesome in so many ways!

  15. Freque

    It was great to see you last weekend man.

    Hope to hang with ya again really soon bro.

  16. Hey bro...it was good to see you again...Hope to see you again real soon.

  17. ahhh man thats a fucking bummer.

    I was looking forward to seeing you again man.

  18. Saw your year vid bro.

    Loved it. Mad progress dude. I cant wait for us to meet back up mang...its should be incredible.

    Lots of progress to share between the both of us.

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