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  1. heeeeehehe

    im still in the lead in profile views =]

  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for the event threads :)

  3. katt

    Thanks for the event posting! The thread has been updated and your event has been approved on the calendar :)

  4. Hey, thanks for the event thread! I edited the image link so it shows up for you, and approved of the calendar entry :)

  5. When are you coming baaaaaaaaack? :(:(:(

  6. good! i was hoping she could help!

  7. Left messages and haven't gotten calls back. Don't rely on FireFly to help you...he is looking to move to DC or WV.

  8. hey thanks, i was wondering how to do that ^.^

  9. okay good. let me do my thing and the ones i don't get ahold of first or don't get to i will pass to you. just give me til next week.

  10. Hey, did you call those places for the breaking boundaries meet up? I want to make sure we aren't calling the same people...they don't need to get 6 calls, but we can split them up.

  11. Oh hell yes. I'm going through people withdrawal.
  12. zin

    Skitty Katt

  13. katt

    ALFFF. I stalk you.

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