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  1. Before whiteout, yeah?

  2. i think we shud go and share a delicious dick

  3. EDC was really impressive, but the only thing that killed it was the number of people. Waaaay too many :o. There were people pushing, jumping fences and bushes to get in faster. Most of the djs had amazing sets, but there were a number of them who trainwrecked at times >_

  4. Lol.

    Well Ferry and Markus PWNED, but Tiesto didn't do so well. He never puts that much enthusiasm into his show and I've heard he's kind of a dick. Anyways, power got shut down by the cops. Mainstage was awesome though, they had the most amazing set up and decorations, even acrobats hanging from the ceiling :o

  5. i didnt go to bubble bobble. if i wanted bubbles i would splash around my bathtub. how was pop?

  6. Are you going to Bubble Bobble? If so - have fun, Utah Saints are awesome. Better be at USC!

  7. haha yups. go rep seattle gsc at pop ^^

  8. Seattle represent! :o

  9. THANK YOU!!! was glad you made it out!!! ^-^

  10. hey! awesome job last night ^^

    conjuring + dj'ing = one of the sickest things ive seen in my life :D

  11. haha dont worry. we all started as noobs. you'll be surprised how friendly people are on here. find the washington state thread and post an introduction of yourself. =]

    as for robo girls im pretty sure ill be able to make it. lookin forward to you tearin up the decks!

  12. Du yu no wut this is? this is mai nyu haircut! i am getting so many lady tonight!

  13. hey! thanks! im still noob at this hhehehe ROBOGIRLS you going? its my debut!

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