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  1. Sick profile picture. I want to get the Obi-wan lightsaber, let's ahve a duel, lol!

    Are you going to Lovefest this year? I wanted to go session with you, after seeing last years performance, your stringing amazes me!

  2. love ur pic! sweet! hehe

  3. Jun0 ! how have you beeen :D and hows ur stringing? haha thanks for puttin my comment in your vid although u spelt my name wrong =\ lol haha thanks tho ! tC

  4. Hope you are enjoying the snow- its got to be insane fresh powder with all the rain we've been having. My girl says shes gonna teach me how to board so that will be interesting. XD

  5. hey dude mybad man, i havn't been on here in months i think.

  6. Whats up MArvin!!!

    miss you man.. just bought some S.Boarding gear.. might see you soon!

  7. aw yea i just turned 20 a few weeks ago =/

    are you going to TAO? I've been on a break since Nocturnal this year, so I'm treating myself to this one!

  8. Happy birthday you. =]

  9. happy b-day yo..

  10. what was the music that was playing in the background for ya solo haunted collab, i know its ayu trance . but can you send me the track

  11. thx for letting me play with ya handles

  12. nah i didn't get to yet, i heard monster was alot of fun tho from friends, and i heard it was really packed too. How come you can't go to together as one?

  13. dude did u catch the love fest and monster massive video?

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