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  1. lol shaddap brian. No blocking Will in the photos D:

  2. hahaha dont worry, it's all good. :P

  3. *points at laughs because of the cake picture*

    lol :P

    Welcome to GS.C

  4. congrats on making it to staff

  5. nuuuuuuuu panda mine DX

  6. that is one huge ass cloud of sparks. :o

  7. you should've seen that coming though :P

  8. nervousness make? NERVOUSNESS MAKE WHAT??!?!?!?!?



  9. you're going to edc ^_^

    I wanted to go to EDC again this year DX

  10. lol awesome signage, man

  11. lol thanks for the jacket :D

  12. Only when I'm bored. I'm frequently bored.

  13. yeah that hat is fun :)

  14. hey..that's chinatown! :D

  15. canadian citizen living in the US? How does that work?

  16. lol dorky puns are not befitting of you :P

  17. lol more encouragement, I need not.

  18. dude that pink hair is STILL so awesome it's beyond words

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