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    PS it's not cool that we haven't met in person STILL omg

  2. Hahaha no way, we do have the same birthday! That's awesome, happy belated birthday to you too! :D lol I also scuba dive, and love Digimon and Pokemon (omg huge Pokemon nerd).. and House and Firefly, haha. We apparently have a lot in common! Rock on, girl. 8)

  3. You punk :P I sent you a text and a facebook message, was that not good enough? Should I throw in smoke signals for good measure? HOW CAN I SATISFY YOU JAIMISON

  4. Patrick!! I'll have you know, I wouldn't miss it for the WORLD! I will definitely see you at the meetup, if not the actual party this time, haha.. LOVEFEST!!! :D

  5. Yo Freque! I'm good, just been chilling at home for winter break, recovering from strep and mono lol. How are things on your end?

  6. Crystal!! It's so great to hear from you, I've missed you a bunch! How've you been, hun? I'm pretty good myself, but I currently have both strep throat and mono.. lucky me!! lol. I'm on winter break though so it's all good. Love you bunches!! <3<3

  7. Glad to hear you're doing well! I'm doing alright too, although I've had really bad strep throat for over 2 weeks now. But once that's gone, I'll be freakin fantastic! We should chat it up on AIM sometime - smaller chance of distration via shiny objects.. ooo shiny

  8. PHOOOEEENIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!! Hehe what's up! I was totally going to leave you a comment saying hi the other day, but then I got distracted. How've ya been?! :)

  9. Hey there, you sexy devil you! I'm still dying to see your love muffin dress, you know :) Hope you're doing fantastically!

  10. lol! That is AMAZING! You'd better get your sexy ass in that dress and show it off.. I must see it to believe it! hahaha that's so great <3

  11. *counter-glomps, with a side of love muffins!* <3

  12. Damn, I saw your Halloween pic, and I must admit - I really want to hump your sexy... dishwasher.

  13. Hell yeah! I'm sure I'll see you there.. can't wait!

  14. Katamari love muffin! Now that's what I call rolling.. And be sure to include the Spencer's model in your hi-res pic... oooh yes, yummy! :) I bought some muffins at the store after you mentioned them, but they could use more love..

  15. OMG yes, do it! I wonder how you'd add the love.. frosting? Can muffins be frosted? haha.. I'd love to see them! And in hi-res, so it could be used as wallpaper, and make people smile every day! :D

  16. http://oldrecipebook.com/cakes/lovecake.jpg I want a piece of that! :)

  17. Haha, mashed potatoes are close enough to ice cream.. glad you had fun! And that sounds delicious.. haha :D

  18. Hey, how's it going? :) You know, I listened to your Progressive mix yesterday.. or should I say R3DLIN3's? Hehe. GREAT stuff! But for the life of me, I can't remember where the tracklist was! There was a song in there that I'd never heard, and it blew me away.. so thanks for the amazing mix - I'll be blasting that for a while!

  19. Hey, happy birthday!! I hope you have lots of fun.. and cake.. and ice cream.. *drool*. Have a good one! :)

  20. Bad Grammarman got NOTHIN' on First Comment Woman! Mwahaha.. :D

  21. I'm excited to hear that you'll be at MM!! :) We will definitely meet up and share some GS.C powerlove! Hope you're ready to dance, girl.. ;) Much love and hugs!

  22. my watch, which has a new battery, and is now working for me around the clock again... pun well intended.
  23. Hey Patrick! No joke, man.. I miss Lovefest too! Which is why I'm almost definitely going to Monster Massive. If I do, and you do too, then I'll definitely see you there.. maybe.. hopefully.. :)

  24. ^ seconded, I would marry di.fm if I could umm.. I appreciate.. chemical reactions
  25. ROFL.. I just appreciated that picture really hard. I freakin appreciate breakfast! EDIT: Proof: (I just happened to be wearing that shirt today. It was meant to be!)
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