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  1. *sneaks in* hai !


    PS it's not cool that we haven't met in person STILL omg

  3. Hahaha no way, we do have the same birthday! That's awesome, happy belated birthday to you too! :D lol I also scuba dive, and love Digimon and Pokemon (omg huge Pokemon nerd).. and House and Firefly, haha. We apparently have a lot in common! Rock on, girl. 8)

  4. WHOA! We have the same birthday! Happy belated birthday!

  5. :::peeks in::: Hi! :::peeks out:::

  6. You punk :P I sent you a text and a facebook message, was that not good enough? Should I throw in smoke signals for good measure? HOW CAN I SATISFY YOU JAIMISON

  7. so we lurk on peoples pages but don't say hi, eh?

  8. saw your ladies of the night segment

    love your style!

  9. This...weekend...hurt. But it was so much fun!!!! Good seeing you again FINALLY! =oÞ

  10. Patrick!! I'll have you know, I wouldn't miss it for the WORLD! I will definitely see you at the meetup, if not the actual party this time, haha.. LOVEFEST!!! :D

  11. Allison!! So are we FINALLY going to meet up again at Love Fest!? C'mon, I'll have cookies if you go!!! =oD

  12. i heard your name on ASOT! congrats on the Ronski Speed CD!

  13. I think you're an awessssommeee glowsticker!!!!


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