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  1. Lol, I feel like this thread falls under the category of useless.
  2. I hated Napoleon Dynamite. Ligers don't have magic skills. wtf.
  3. pshh whatev, I'm going to train some flying squirrels, a chimpanzee, and a liger to fetch my drinks or whatever else i decide needs fetching.
  4. Sweet. I think I'm going to get a dozen of them. And teach them to mix drinks and tap dance.
  5. Mother. (susan is my moms name)
  6. LOL!!! Where are said penguins? I wish i had a penguin that served me liquor....
  7. *kicks dog that looks like football*
  8. lol, small dogs = teh suxz haha
  9. *rolls a cigarette* *smokes said cigarette* *cracks a mt. dew*
  10. Woot! I'll reclaim my post as resident giant. It's multipurpose! my superpowers, or rather regular powers are i can reach tall things for you, see long distances, and breathe clean fresh air in a sweaty crowd of short people
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