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  1. Hey bud! I haven't logged on in a long time, but I saw we were no w friends. How are things for you?

  2. HEY!!! Was that footage that you said you still owed me, and that you were gonna run to megaupload for, the footage from our peninsula 'meetup'??? :D

  3. Lol, I feel like this thread falls under the category of useless.
  4. I hated Napoleon Dynamite. Ligers don't have magic skills. wtf.
  5. pshh whatev, I'm going to train some flying squirrels, a chimpanzee, and a liger to fetch my drinks or whatever else i decide needs fetching.
  6. Sweet. I think I'm going to get a dozen of them. And teach them to mix drinks and tap dance.
  7. Mother. (susan is my moms name)
  8. LOL!!! Where are said penguins? I wish i had a penguin that served me liquor....
  9. *kicks dog that looks like football*
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