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  1. props for being a cotts and ravine fan too :)

  2. only little over a month till i get to grace seattle with my presence :), well be repin hard for gs.c at pirates :)

  3. thats a sweet mix u have up, u should pop up a newer one. if u could do that back in '06, i can only imagine how great your mixes sound now :)

  4. Name: achille Age: 19 Gender: male Location:Pullman, wa Interests: glowsticking, snowboarding, raving, dirt biking Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: 1984/mad/scrubs Musical Interest: hardcore, house, drum and bass, rock, gangster rap, euro dance, trance, electronica Goal in the next 5 years: pick a major Goal in the next 20 years: live life to the fullest What turns you on about the opposite sex: confidence If i had a million dollars I would: buy a rave venue I am good at: too many to list School (if applicable): WSU baby Work (
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