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  1. Live damn you - LIVE!
  2. damn no posts for the entire month of May - ah well, whats up ya'll? I think i'm going to be meeting up with Pyro in MD to get some filming done for the 10yr - But i'm def always down to coming up to NYC for more filming. GSC's 10yr is my 10yr of raving / glowsticking too
  3. I live! what did i miss ; ) #sidenote - i'm going to Ultra so i'll see ya'll there
  4. <chikushoo> I gotta be here more what up peeps talk to me about the 30th in DC - anyone going to the Daily Show Rally?
  5. I'll take this one 10/16 PA Rein Faire (I tweeted the to you link) Crystal Method other then that me i'm just chillin... I'm going to have to force myself to start sticking regularly. i dont want to fall into the self imposed blahs
  6. so how was Zoo? pics? stories?
  7. Summer Massive was oh so ill... i think Pyro owes me money... ;p (seriously - where ma money)
  8. yo - hit me up so we can trade info again. We have to plot for Summer Massive

  9. www.summer-massive.com I'll post up more info in the proper place when i get more time - however I want to make this big thing AKA I will actively try to get some of ya'll NYC/ Northern peeps to come down south to rock out in Baltimore Who's with me??
  10. ...where the fuks have i been?? what up ya'll
  11. i was going to head up to NYC on the 30th - if ya'll come down the week before: Sweet
  12. lol - no human should drink that much KELLY! #insidejoke
  13. so i left Prophet's house earlier today... gdamn i forgot how it was chilling with Prophet Vision and Oracle[the godfather] 4words: gimme moar ribs son!
  14. i work till 6pm that day - so there's going to be some planning involved
  15. ^ i'm putting the pieces together - but ya man i'll see what i can do - i'm getting my ticket from a guy so it will be straight 30 instead of 30+ at flavor or online we can meetup if you want me to get your ticket too i was the last person on earth to hear about this party so now the people i know are already 4 cars deep plus - i maybe taking some raver n00bs too - this party is going to be sweet
  16. Spring massive down in Bmore on 5/8/10 any takers?
  17. 3 0 2 baby! I had a great time at the meetup - thanks to all the new members that showed up - Props to the people that brought the food, the DJs, Dave (the man) and Cleric Aden and Rai for another well executed event. Next year only gets better people!
  18. ya i def owe Steve a lot of rides, but i've been Chinese busing it up to the NYC lately
  19. we'll talk about the old days - rub icey hot on our backs when we're done sticking and use words like whipper-snapper
  20. Jin-sama! omg - if you make it i swear some of the new members will fckng explode "See that kids - thats EC freehand - BOOSH"
  21. i cried softly... ...so no one could hear
  22. some on the site knows me * smiles * ...man - i do need to post more
  23. if anyone has pics from this weekend - i'd like to see them
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