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  1. Live damn you - LIVE!
  2. damn no posts for the entire month of May - ah well, whats up ya'll? I think i'm going to be meeting up with Pyro in MD to get some filming done for the 10yr - But i'm def always down to coming up to NYC for more filming. GSC's 10yr is my 10yr of raving / glowsticking too
  3. I live! what did i miss ; ) #sidenote - i'm going to Ultra so i'll see ya'll there
  4. <chikushoo> I gotta be here more what up peeps talk to me about the 30th in DC - anyone going to the Daily Show Rally?
  5. I'll take this one 10/16 PA Rein Faire (I tweeted the to you link) Crystal Method other then that me i'm just chillin... I'm going to have to force myself to start sticking regularly. i dont want to fall into the self imposed blahs
  6. so how was Zoo? pics? stories?
  7. Summer Massive was oh so ill... i think Pyro owes me money... ;p (seriously - where ma money)
  8. you doing anything this weekend?? having ppl over, txt me or something

  9. yo - hit me up so we can trade info again. We have to plot for Summer Massive

  10. www.summer-massive.com I'll post up more info in the proper place when i get more time - however I want to make this big thing AKA I will actively try to get some of ya'll NYC/ Northern peeps to come down south to rock out in Baltimore Who's with me??
  11. ...where the fuks have i been?? what up ya'll
  12. i was going to head up to NYC on the 30th - if ya'll come down the week before: Sweet
  13. lol - no human should drink that much KELLY! #insidejoke
  14. so i left Prophet's house earlier today... gdamn i forgot how it was chilling with Prophet Vision and Oracle[the godfather] 4words: gimme moar ribs son!
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