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  1. we should help each other learn to shuffle hehe

  2. btw if you dont sell all your glowsticks ill buy some ! muhahah just got to figure a way to send to you through mail probably

  3. -_- *sigh* i have no video cameras >.> + i dotn want to emberass myself infront of all the awesomo' 2000's =P
  4. lols timmy!

  5. Kkwon

    your page is really stretched! lols =)

  6. i saw you in april colab =) you were amazing

  7. sorry bout that i found them umm my space for me is /itzkkwon add me ! im out now

  8. Kkwon

    got bored just popped by... I LOVE CASCADA! lols

  9. lana o shoot! >.>

  10. mite have to come to you for this move i have no idea how to do it and whats it called -_-

  11. haha it doesnt help that its on youtube and throw out a link please for youtube and i dont know how to add you on myspace? im dumbfounded.. hehe peace

  12. i have no idea to find the tuts haha i forgot were they went! >.>

  13. ya make me jealous oo tuts imma have to check that out

  14. has any1 ever told you have the coolest signature ever!

  15. i can comment myself o.o

  16. o sorry i dont even no were edc is located =P i re read the comment sorry i didnt say anything about the edc -_-

  17. Kkwon

    wow love the pic man crazy

  18. nope im 1/2 thai =P

  19. yes i new you were viet =P i have a thing for viet girls sadly my crush lives in CALI though i just moved to MASS a month ago -_- sucks alright you guessed im korean thats correct =P but im only 1/2 korean why dont you guess my other 1/2 hehe... it would be hard so tell me three guesses and ill tell you my other 1/2 but im full asian so think about it =)

  20. srry bougth the comment saying i moved to cali i meant i moved from cali to MASS =P what ethnicity are you by the way?

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