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  1. hey sorry i guess my inbox was full? weird. it should work now though!

  2. mhmm, so i tried to pm you but it says you cant receive any new messages. O_o

  3. no way! im like just about to drive over there now for band practice lol. small world... awesome! ill definitely be attending. ive been learning for a little over a week now and its going pretty well, but hey msg me your number so we can kick it or if you wanna string together sometime man! new friends ftw

  4. Oh nice, that's not to far off from where I am. I'm over by greenbrook elementary and costco, if you know where that is.

    as far as meetups go, there's one planned at the end of the month in SF. im planning on taking bart over, you should go man.


  5. hey whatsup man? im from the blackhawk side of danville :] do you come here often? i see youve been a part of gsc for a while, think you could help me figure out when theres a meetup? im dying to meet some veteran stringers!

  6. hey man, found you through the member map. where abouts in danville are you at?

  7. You know whats up with stringing.

    I like it.



  9. hey man sorry you missed the meetup, ill keep you posted for the next one aight?

  10. ahhhhhh!!!! neck wrap!!!!

  11. yea it was sick.

    have you accidentally strangled yourself yet with the hold of death? lol

  12. got to chill with u for a bit . good times .. good times

  13. your inbox is full X_x

    anyway, it looks like a meet-up for monday is being planned out of that silicon valley stickers thread... would you be able to make it? o.o;

    (right now it looks like just goldenxradian and i are the only ppl going...?)

  14. totally great to finally meet you dude .. i didnt imagine you would be that tall ..

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