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    Relaxing, having a good time, hangin w/ friends, working, having an occasional drink or two or three...lol, bartending, web stuff, electronics, football, movies, beer, beaches, anything fun really...oh and can't forget...MYSPACE!!
  1. Name: Tiffany Age: 24 Gender: Female Location: R/C, California Interests: Chillin, working, web design, graphic design, myspace of course, etc. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Sam's Letters to Jennifer, Cosmo or People, Law & Order, CSI Musical Interest: I like almost everything Goal in the next 5 years: Find Mr. Right, Get Married, and have another baby... Goal in the next 20 years: Finish school, and med school...start my own practice What turns you on about the opposite sex: Personality, dark hair and blue or green eyes, sense of humor, HONE
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