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  1. is now DJ Sunny Up.

  2. Stew is pretty awesome, I have to agree.

  3. is studying accounting right now.

  4. Lol and there is the name change as promised.

  5. using those free name changes wisely eh

  6. Rage


  7. So I just wanted to tell you that I've now passed you as the #1 league leader for the arcade. PUAHAHHA. Boring work ftw.

  8. Rage

    btw, i don't see you touting Barkley's QB rating after ohio state. You guys got sooooo lucky.

  9. Rage

    Our QB is out for 3-4 weeks....

  10. Rage

    HAH willing to put a wager on that one?

  11. Rage

    Who cares what his QB ranking was when playing San Jose State. That's like me crushing an ant.

    We'll see how many picks Barkley has in the game.

  12. Rage

    Good luck with Ohio State.

    Honestly, if you guys can't beat a team that almost lost to Navy...that would be sad, HAHAH.

  13. your title says 13 bt btb weave.


  14. Rage

    The thing about Zeta Phi Rho (that's the frat I'm an active in) is that you don't have to buy into an image that the fraternity already has. You can be yourself and it's cool.

    All the other frats I checked out...yeah I wouldn't have fit in, LOL. I'm too fucking asian to be in a white frat anyway.

  15. Rage

    Hahah. Well our frat is a bit different. We aren't in the IFC Council (think stereotypical white frat.)

    We don't party as much as other frats. And we don't have a house.

    But yes, I am in a frat.

  16. Rage


  17. I tried spinning yesterday but it was so fucking hot that I couldn't focus LOL.

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