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  1. raaaaaawwwrrrrr!!! what about meeeeeeee?!?!!? =********
  2. LOL Zero! Will I be seeing you on Saturday at Love?!
  3. yay!! my avatar and sig are back!! <3333

  4. Sorry Lira!! I missed your show..it was happening while I was at work too. Any recording of this I can listen to ? Link please! Thanks! <3
  5. the time slot is nice for listeners like me who work all day...nice choons for work. For DJ's that have full-time jobs..not so much. Unless..prerecorded sets by said DJs are played..then that's cool too
  6. Haha! Yes, I finally made an account. Maybe this will motivate me to keep up on my dancing. I need people to teach me stuff I haven't seen before. We should hang out sometime in the city :)

  7. yay!! you joined!!! welcome to gs.c!

  8. whattah what?!?!?! hahaha
  9. I'm trying to get in touch with you and this is the only way I can now. HOW COME ?!?!?! Hit me back up ASAP! :)

  10. i dont kno where to go to accept Friend invites lol. So i added you, but i dont think thats how it works to accept them.

  11. I second that vote minus the redline and add bon chon chicken! ;P
  12. welcome to GSC! hope to meet you at EDC :)

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