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    my intrests are pretty much glowstringin getin more into the art / culture .... learning new moves and get better at wat i do ......... aside from that i like to play handball and go hang out with my freinds :)
  1. i love you baby!!!!

  2. queeeeeeeeeeest!!!

  3. lol np :) anytime headpot ;]

  4. thanks for the feedback on my video man...appreciate it =]

  5. Whats your favorite type of strings?ummm....... i guess nothin thick or to thin Whats for your favorite glowstick color? green Where do you buy glowsticks from? celebration Handles or strings or chains? strings How do you hold your strings? i wrap it around my palm twice the around my index and pointing finger What move have you currently learned? ummm ........ im tryin all the wraps and basiclly evrything i see in vidios When did you start stringing? umm....... i think like 2 months ago Why did you start stringing? i liked the light work and i got int
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