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  1. so last night i had some time to kill as the internet was super slow and i was downloading COD firststrike (took 2 hours cuz someone else was my internet skyping)... i used that time to pick up the last 2 sticks i had and started a small session for a hour n some(1 full mars/mystre CD). i know its not big deal to most of you but this is the first time i actually had a session since 2005/6 by myself. needless to say im super rusty. remembered how to do behind the back/ behind the head tosses and worked on stalls for a little bit. i need to rework the stalls because i now suck doing th
  2. haha your picture is funny. i can imagin a quote in the air next to you like "my name is jeff, i like long walks on the beach during sunset in the nude".

    didnt know gsc got so community like with the chat and friends.

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