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  1. oi. Adrillf. Alex emails me everyday =P lol the convenience of email on your cell phone is that you get it instantly and then you get to send a reply and she sends one back, almost like a real conversation, but close. that and i did talk to lady yesterday! buahahaha. poor thing's sick. I told her to get her ass to gs.c asap. <3
  2. bagels <3 and people who are friendly enough not to get angry with me for kicking them out of the lab because they are trying to eat by the computers.
  3. just fyi for lady she's either: a. lost herself in the chinese rain forest, again b. studying her ass of which does not allow her to get on her computer c. the great firewall of china pwned gs.c or d. she was arrested (which i really hope didn't happen, but she hasn't emailed/talked to me in like 2 weeks nor have i seen her on skype, so it's a possibility.) so... joker, my dear, i'm sure lady would love to help, but she's rather unavailable for the next year, like literally.
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