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  1. Yes, but part 2 is specifically the one I'm most excited for https://soundcloud.com/andrewbayer/andrew-bayer-do-androids-dream-part-2-original-mix
  2. Definitely looking forward to Superhuman. There was also the first or second track from his set at ABGT100 that I'm looking forward to that may be on Do Androids Dream as well
  3. I posted a link on the EDC 2007 Ultra Circle video pages Stage 1: http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/7013-gsc-meetups-and-compilations-gsc-ultracircle-edc-2007-stage-1/page-3?hl=ultracircle Stage 2: http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/topic/7269-gsc-meetups-and-compilations-gsc-ultracircle-edc-2007-stage-2/page-2?hl=ultracircle
  4. I gave Zin the entire EDC 2007 Ultracircle video a while back. Probably my favorite circle for all the people who were able to attend and the variations of styles shown in the circle. Oh shit, it's Will! Still lurking after all this time? Yeah. It is funny though how many got that air of nostalgia at the same time to see how things are in here
  5. Definitely not dead. Quiet, yes, but not dead.
  6. Yeah, so it's been a few years. Almost ten since I first joined GSC (Yikes!) Just wanted to drop a line and say "hi" to all still around. I was hanging out with Andrei (Romances) this past weekend and getting nostalgic as we blew the dust off of an old hard drive with practice and Ultracircle videos. New Years was probably the first I've sticked in a long time and it felt great Even though many of us are now scattered away from the boards, it's wonderful to see there are still many that are going at it.. Looking forward to seeing where you guys have taken the art in my time away
  7. Haven't been around GS.C to concentrate on acting, but it's been good to catch up with everybody lately!

  8. yay! thank you!

  9. YAY for new friends! Happy belated birthday!!

  10. hehehe It's been hard for me to be on PSN lately but just add me and hit my up anytime you see me. PSN: Wushu Raver

  11. When are we gonna get our Tekken on? :P

  12. Ah, okay. If I had money I'd get ya lifetime status. How have u been? How have rehersals gone?

  13. It expired sometime yesterday. I'll probably renew it around LovEvolution when I need to start PMing everybody... =oÞ

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