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  1. Haven't been around GS.C to concentrate on acting, but it's been good to catch up with everybody lately!

  2. yay! thank you!

  3. YAY for new friends! Happy belated birthday!!

  4. hehehe It's been hard for me to be on PSN lately but just add me and hit my up anytime you see me. PSN: Wushu Raver

  5. When are we gonna get our Tekken on? :P

  6. Ah, okay. If I had money I'd get ya lifetime status. How have u been? How have rehersals gone?

  7. It expired sometime yesterday. I'll probably renew it around LovEvolution when I need to start PMing everybody... =oÞ

  8. Why aren't you a silver member no more?

  9. Hey James! Sorry, that we missed your party on Friday. I hope that it went well though!

  10. It was definitely great meeting you too, Ana!!! Hopefully, it won't be too long before Kristen and I head out to the EC! =o)

  11. Glad to have met you and Kristen at EDC. You two are adorable!

  12. Aw dude, id love to come down to cali again, but more than once a year may be too frequently unless by sum chance u know how to get super cheap air-fares. But next year, i may try to save for edc AND lovefest, so well see.

    And thx for the compliment, my injuries werent nearly as bad as Neons, but ya i was def still held back a bit. Thats why i gotta go back next year. Twas great to meet

  13. oh def, by the next time i come back your going to have a 5 star meal. i hope...


    keep in contact, ill pm you my phone number soon.

  14. Yo Pete! Man, although brief, it was good seeing you again. Some of us here in SoCal have been wanting to hit Vegas us again so I hope to get a session with you soon. Or perhaps, we can talk you into going to SF for LovEvolution in October... :P

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