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  1. You're incredibly good with handles. I strive to be as good as you. Keep it up bro.

  2. sup dude?

    are you going to toys 4 tots this year?

  3. I just finished watching Leif's April 2010 video and it was AWESOME. I was glad to meet him as well, THANKS!!

  4. Holy shizznocker! So you and patrick have met then? Any footages?

  5. lol why thank you =]. juan suggested it to me while we were chilling in NY talking about how xodiac changed his screename every two weeks.

  6. I like the new screename, wish i could do dat lol

  7. Hypno-TOAD!!! Lol, YO! I live in Aurora, so its nice to see a new gsc'er in my neck of the woods. If you ever have any questions about anything, dont hesitate to ask me or glowspazz or any of the other friendly colorado gsc'ers :)

  8. Welcome to gsc!!! Try to stay active in the colorado forums; as a newbie, itll help to get to know the other gsc'ers in your area! And dont forget to look in the culture section to find out why gsc is the way it is.

  9. Previous comments have answered my question :)

    Cant wait to see a new vid from you!!!!

    Ive been working more on complex wrap combos and utl stuff like you always suggest, but after yesterday, im gonna have to pause on the practice. Went snowboarding for my first time, im in so much pain i can barely move today >.

  10. HEY!!! Was that footage that you said you still owed me, and that you were gonna run to megaupload for, the footage from our peninsula 'meetup'??? :D

  11. you're going to United this saturday? would you wanna chill be4?

  12. JB!!!!! When is the next time that you are going to be back in town from greeley?!?!?!? You should come chill with me and my friends in aurora sumtime, well make you feel welcome, and take you to some great stringing spots :D Just lemme know.

  13. well b4 i even got chance to read your comment i figured it out from reverse split time butterfly going counterclock wise from my perspective >,<

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