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  1. dizzle my nizzle

  2. i love you troy <3

  3. btw i think u commented me on rg's acct lol, i commented back on hers.

  4. i am not 100% sure i was thinking of hitting the denver one because of the better line up, plus two days of partying might be too much for me haha, but we will see are you going? both days?

  5. haha! What's goin' on, Troy! Comin' down for EDC this year?

  6. haha word that was a while ago, sorry i didn't make it up there the other week. i drank too much the night before, woke up at 4 and tried hittin up sean, he ended up not making it either cuz he had to setup a party down here. ill be up there sometime soon thouhg!

  7. *+*I Miss My TroyBoy! Phil and I just watched your ultra vid with you and richard and I had to say hi and send you some love!!! *BIG HUGZ* <3333 Xo0oX*+*

  8. thanks for the support man, yea ive pretty much overcome the anxiety already. i mean, i came out without hardly a scratch (no black eyes cuts anything) just a scratch on the face n shoulder, torn shirt, and a small sore spot on my bottom jaw where they kneed me. the most of the damage came from my knuckles from hitting them so hard

  9. hey, I just read about what happened and I glad to hear that you're safe. I won't lie, the anxiety will stay for some time but the more you stick to your routine the tension you feel with begin to lift. Keep your head up, man. We're here for you...

  10. troy

    east coast was pretty tight but i never got a chance to hit up new york which i really wanted to do :(. you should seriously come to az! i dunno how that one party is going to be but diablo on oct 11 is going to boff the chain main!

  11. JunO

    nothing much troy. so how was the east coast? are u back in AZ? it looks ill be in AZ late oct

  12. troy

    waat is uppp marrrvv

  13. JunO

    dude u saw the thread for 26th .. nyc?

  14. dude love fest sounds like a plan! i may just make it out to that b/c my friend wants to go to san fran sometime and thats good enough notice. but damn its one helluva drive

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