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  1. zomg zomg zomg!! I know!!

  2. WHAT WHY!!! Will we still be able to hang out..?

  3. I'll see you for sure! And I'll wear my special Love muffin dress for you!! lol

  4. I'll be there for four days. how about you babe?

  5. Nooo that's makeup. That would hurt like f@$% if that was a tattoo

  6. I can't honey.. I'm sorry.. I don't have enough money

  7. I"ll make you wear it! hahaha

  8. Yes. Women tend to wear it. lolz

  9. omg that's a lot of hugs... lol I really need a running start to glomp you!

  10. Bruuuuuuuuuuuce I"m going to see you soon and I will wear my love muffin dress just for you!!

  11. omg I'm going to see you soon!! I want more pics with you this time!! :P

  12. I know you can hardly contain yourself from the excitement of seeing me and getting some shelly lovin' ;D

  13. I'll be comin' to NYC in June :P

  14. I got my hair cut today! I look totally different! :P

  15. O.o I get to see you soon

    are you ready for the shelly lovin?

  16. sick pic!!

    are you excited for some Shelly lovin?? :D

  17. omg omg omg time is getting closer!!!

    .... what should I wear? HAH!

  18. amazing new profile pic!! You lucky bitch!

  19. Yoooooooooooooooooo

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