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  1. Aren't you going to vegas with Kristen?

  2. 24-29 and I'm single, f/20/Hawaii

    lololol My birthday is Sunday!!!

  3. Are you going to visit me when I'm in NYC? :P I didn't get enough Joe lovin last time XD

  4. Hope you're feeling better Pat!! When are we going to hang out again?! :o

  5. XD hahaha couldn't have done it without you to carry me out!!! I miss you guys like craaaaazy

  6. "we just looked like we got out of a club"

    Lololol I had a good laugh with that in my mind today XD

  7. I'm comin back to NYC so if you want a copy of that painting then let me know ^^

  8. *glomps* slut muffin!

  9. uuugh it's crazy.. time moves so slow..

  10. *glomps*

    Miss Muffin attack!

  11. hahahaha I'm sorry I have a long ass name

    You were SIIIICK and you give the best hugs!!! Next time we seriously have to chill ^^

  12. Omg I finally met you!!!!! You were amazing and gave incredible hugs and your heli tosses blew my freakin mind and your girlfriend is goooorgeous!!! I can't wait to see you again!!

  13. There's too many things I could say about what happened but I think the best way to sum it up would be that it was unexpectedly intoxicating! You really helped me pull through and our time was something I won't soon forget

  14. ZOMG we're on GSC together... so is that like.. being on top of each other??

  15. I'll be there Thursday!!!

  16. The hat will for sure be at EDC as well. It's the source of all my magical powers of course :P and it matches my love muffin dress! lolol

  17. I loves you! *glomps*

  18. We are teh awesome cuteness!!!!

  19. I am so pumped!!!! You're getting the biggest glomp in the love muffin dress, lolol

  20. You know that was the most awesome glomp ever ;D

  21. How's the mix coming?

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