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  1. hahahaha yes I heard all the epicness from Gin when I was kickin it in NYC about his trip XD

    we'd have an awesome time in Hawaii!!! Get out here bastard!!

  2. LOL omg when I read that I could actually hear you in my head saying that!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!! asdfljaog nunioqh3oicistog i

  3. You are not :P You're always on my wall

  4. Yeah EDC is too overwhelming.. maybe if I get some more off time we'll get together ^^

  5. I"m doing good! I totally miss you though!! Maybe I should come visit you instead, lolol

  6. lol I was going to bring real muffins but I didn't have time to make them >.< I promise to bring some next time!!

  7. My summer was absolutely epic!! I took a lot of trips and spent more money than you can imagine.. lol.. but it was still a great time ^_^ and I got to meet you!!

  8. omg Bruce I loves you!!! *love muffins!!* Because muffins are better than cupcakes!!! rrrrrrrrrr

  9. *love muffins!!* great ad Wes!

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