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  1. hahahaha you know my friend just bought bright blue contacts from an anime convention so it's so weird to see this dark asian guy with bright blue eyes!

  2. Patrick your hair is getting so long you're starting to look like a Jrocker!!!

  3. Newly single in a sucky way but life goes on :P

    How're you hot stuff!

  4. :P did you lose your phone again? I've been trying to call you and text you.
  5. hahaha you still sneak a peek at my profile :P

  6. Damn you're always on GSC!

  7. ;) guess who jumped online finally, lol
  8. ow... sunburn... you suck for being able to be so tan..

  9. awwww!!! I'll make you one too!!!

  10. i'm holdin on for dear life

  11. that profile pic is an important moment..

  12. How can you not love my muffins!?

  13. pssssssssssssssh they're all so spaced out.

  14. *glomps and bites* :B I miss you!!!! love muffins!

  15. ;D thanks for taking my profile pic

  16. wtf you have people writing on your wall all the time and mine never gets that much love!!!


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